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Luscious Leather Handcrafted Jewellery & Wearable Art


Through innovation and design we offer a beautiful new form of self-expression by extending the possibilities where art meets technology. We create handcrafted leather accessories and wearable art.

You will find a range of styles from intricate feminine and art nouveau inspired patterns, to statement pieces with bohemian flair. Whether you dress it up, or wear it casually, each piece allows you to express your personality. You’ll feel confident when you wear it, and excited by how it makes you feel. At Elena Designs, we connect you with this fresh new collection of leather jewellery and accessories, so that you can show off your style.

Designer Megan Elena Lott uses her decade of fashion industry experience to design, develop, and deliver this exquisite line of leather art jewellery. Influences from world culture designs inspire Megan after living, studying, and working, in places such as Italy, Spain, and Toronto. Now based in Victoria, BC, she has reconnected with her west coast heritage, which is apparent in her creations. She provides you with an alternative approach in creative fashion and wearable art through innovative design and technology.

Working in contrasts, Megan combines traditional hand-drawn designs, meticulous leather hand-finishing, and technical innovations, like laser cutting and etching, to create these unique art pieces. Megan’s creative process is fueled by the personal connection she makes with women interested in her jewellery. Whether for yourself or a gift for someone you love, this collection offers a selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to suit any wardrobe.

Allow us to help you nurture your own creativity and style with a piece of wearable art from our collection

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